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Mirror Start Educational Consulting

"Helping you reflect, refine, and resolve..."

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Welcome to Mirror Start!

Established in 2021, Mirror Start is an educational consulting firm with a purpose of disrupting cycles of inequity that have hallmarked schools and educational systems for far too long. Often, students and their families are either directly or indirectly blamed for such systemic failures. However, accountability must begin at the top, with each leader and educator taking a hard look in the mirror, asking the question: What more could I be doing to create an environment that is conducive for transformational education and equitable student outcomes?

At Mirror Start, we utilize a research-backed approach and place value on relationship building to support the work of our clients. If you are seeking a quick-fix, one-size-fits-all gimmick to address your needs, then a partnership with Mirror Start would not make sense for you; unfortunately, there are plenty of other consulting firms within our market that provide just that. But if you wish to be sold a process over a product by experienced school leaders who are also active in the field of education, currently undergoing their own iterative thinking processes, then you have certainly come to the right place - we look forward to walking alongside you on your journey toward improvement!

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