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Asynchronous, Online Courses

Supporting adult learning and micro-credentialing goals via comprehensive e-courses pertaining to educational leadership

Aspiring Principalship:

This course is intended for educators interested in or currently on-track to principalship. Focused on topics pertaining to mission and vision, human resources management, and authentic engagement of key school stakeholders, this course offers a balanced blend of theory and practice. The aim of this course is to give aspiring building leaders a sense of the challenges that building leaders face. It is also designed to equip participants with practical ideas for not only surviving these challenges, but thriving in spite of them.

In this course, participants will grapple with their emerging identities as building leaders and will gain valuable insights into how their leadership styles can impact all of their affiliate stakeholders. The activities and reflections embedded throughout this course will provide guidance and space for participants to critically reflect and to begin developing actionable plans for successful leadership.

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School Improvement & Sustainability:

This course is intended for school building administrators, teacher leaders, and district human resources staff. In this course, participants will learn practical strategies on how to assess school culture and climate, along with how to establish a healthy school culture and climate where staff turnover is not the norm.


Staff mental health, the labor shortage, and staff retention are major concerns right now in schools and school systems all over the world. Hiring and retaining high quality staff greatly impacts student outcomes and is often the greatest leverage point for school improvement. This course will also dive into adult social emotional learning (SEL) and practical strategies for not only retaining your staff, but positioning them to be their best. When teachers are doing well mentally and emotionally, everyone benefits, especially their students.

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Anti-Racist Leadership:

This course is intended for school and district leaders, but is beneficial for all educators, whether in formal positions of leadership or not. This course focuses on topics pertaining to the history and socialization of race, identity development, and the nuances between racial paradigms. It also sheds light on ways to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives remain impactful as intended and do not become oppressive.


Participants taking this course will be guided through some difficult, polarizing, but very important topics that continue to have a profound impact on society as a whole, today. On a micro level, symptoms of structural, systemic racism have seeped into schools, playing a major role in the reproduction of inequitable student outcomes. This course will take participants on a deep dive into practical strategies around what they can do within their school contexts and within themselves, to not just be non-racist, but to go deeper and become anti-racist.

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